Home Bound

Saving the King

Alrighty so quite a bit has happened since the last adventure log post. Everything from a giant bear of wrath raining from the sky, to slaughtering enemy half guardians and queens to save the seed of life. Currently our chosen are on a side quest to save the world queen’s lover from the grasp of the dark fairies. They have already demolished their main camp and killed their queen. However, they still have a 3 days travel ahead of them to find the cave the king has been stashed.
Also we have a bit of a party change, we have lost our dear half orc whom is now training with the half guardian Winter and his beloved wife Snow in the southern regions of the world. As well our gnome has taken on a job that was given to him by another criminal body. Our newest additions is a Half Orc warlock whom follows the guardian of beauty Aphrodite, and a High elf wizard how’s background is rather clouded to those who do not know him.
So! May our dearest adventurers save the king of fairies our will the one guarding him be the one to end their championship with the world queen. we shall find out next week ;D



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